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Build software & high performing teams using cognitive apprenticeship


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Is your deadline in danger?

Our Assessment Team can help you evaluate ways to reduce the risk of missing your ship date. We are frontend, backend, full stack, and infrastructure engineers and developers as well as architects and designers. We apply our catalog of architectural, process, platform, and organizational patterns in order to shorten your cycle time and help you keep your commitments to your customers.

We will provide you with the artifacts you need whether it's a pitch deck, persona map, customer flow blueprint, or a fully stocked backlog of work that accelerates your designers and developers.

Product | Platform | Architecture


How to go from 8 points to 96 points per sprint

By mapping and scrutinizing the software development process for a product team, we worked with engineers, product managers, and product owners in order to uncover the pain points that were slowing down the team. In one engagement, our HPT Coaching process took the development team from 8 points per sprint to 96 points per sprint in just 12 weeks. For more about HPT Coaching and how to get started with us, click below.

HPT Coaching

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