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Whether you're growing an existing product or starting fresh with something brand new, we can help you chart your path. Our product assessments can include as much or as little as is appropriate for your situation. We will work with you to build out product blueprints that capture the full experience and everyone who touches your product in order to ensure that your customers - internal and external - have a delightful experience when your product launches. We can help you find your target audience or narrow the scope so you know what minimum business increments comprise your minimum viable product. Don't know what your market differentiator is? We can help you find it.


Having a stable and resilient platform is essential to the success of any company whose product is digital. The platform upon which applications are shipped should be observable, secure, and flexible. We know because we've been platform, site reliability, and devops engineers. CI/CD runs in our blood and we are happy to help you take your platform to the next level. 

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Whether you're trying to plan for a lift and shift or starting fresh in the cloud, we can help you take stock of what's most important. With past clients we've helped them troubleshoot slow and overloaded architecture and create a plan for migration. We've also helped clients build out phased plans for scaling their architecture to meet the demands of growth. Our team of experts will provide a thorough report of our findings and lay out our recommended next steps based on decades of experience in areas from app development and sysadmin to cloud migration and big data.

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